Bosch LBB1990 Plena Voice Alarm Controller

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Bosch LBB 1990/00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller

  • Heart of the Plena Voice Alarm System
  • Compliant with standards for emergency soundsystems (IEC60849)
  • 6-zone system controller
  • Built-in 240 W booster amplifier
  • 12 Business and emergency control inputs andoutputs

The Plena Voice Alarm Controller is the heart of the voicealarm system. It is the basis of the Plena Voice AlarmSystem, and has all the essential functionality forcompliance with the IEC 60849 standard, including fullsystem supervision, loudspeaker line impedancesupervision, a supervised emergency microphone on thefront panel and a supervised message manager. The messages can be merged to allow even more flexibleuse of pre-recorded announcements and evacuationmessages. The controller can be used as a stand-alonesystem with up to 6 zones, or expanded to up to60 zones using additional 6-zone routers. Up to 8 callstations can be connected. Interconnections are madeusing standard RJ45 connectors and shielded CAT-5cable.A built-in 240 W amplifier provides the power for theemergency call channel and BGM. Additional PlenaAmplifiers can be added to provide two-channeloperation, or for additional power if the total powerrequirement exceeds 240 W (maximum 480 W per 6zones). All amplifiers are supervised. The audio outputuses standard analog audio 100 V line switching for fullcompatibility with the Plena family of public addressequipment and Bosch EVAC-compliant loudspeakers.The system is configured using DIP switches for basicfunctionality and a PC for more advanced functions.

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